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Official County List

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1icon11 Official County List on Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:39 pm

Awenita (Luna) Whitetail

Compiled list of all Guilds, Associations, Organizations, and Businesses created and ran by the County. All other citizen (or noncitizen) establishments are compiled in their appropriate sub-forum.


  • Animal Husbandry Association The association serves as a network of independent breeders & tamers across Elyria to create a directory for customers, locate animals in neighboring regions for breeding & taming, and education in both animal husbandry and related businesses.


  • Temple of Luna A place of Worship, Healing, and a Medical University.
  • Sacred Sanatorium The largest hospital in Halvmåne; the different medical branches and research centers are named after the beloved and fallen of our ancestors.
  • Whitetail Academic College A Community College of sorts, this is where all free-use crafting workstations as well as other training or crafting equipment and personnel. All classes, and general admission is paid for by the Count and Countess.
  • Waning Moon, School of Druidry A school teaching the ways of a Druid; ranged and melee combat, hunting, field dressing, and other such skills.
  • University of Halvmåne; Technological Advancement Research University for the scholarly seeking to research the growth and progress of tech advancements (weaponry, food storage and longevity, structure improvements, relics and artifacts, and much more) for the County and share their knowledge with other scholars.
  • The Honorable Crosson Military Academy Honorary military academy housed within the Barony of Caraway.
  • Lucretia C. Financial Institute Honorary banking institute housed within the Capital; Nattehimmel - will be used as a station for citizens to deposit taxes. May double as a Guild for services outside the County.


  • Saved


  • The Nymphs Oasis An Adult-Theme (+18 RP/ERP) bathing house founded by the Countess herself.

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Yours truly,
Countess Whitetail of Halvmåne

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2icon11 Re: Official County List on Sat Jan 14, 2017 9:42 pm

Awenita (Luna) Whitetail

Apply Today!
If you're interested in joining any of these lovely establishments please get in contact with me. We're actively seeking Members/Workers of all ranks to help flesh out and run everything!

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