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Help Wanted!

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1icon1 Help Wanted! on Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Awenita (Luna) Whitetail

Technical Roles

  • Web Admin (0/1) Must know Linux systems, specifically Ubuntu with basic knowledge of HTML/5, CSS/3, PHP, MySQL, etc (they will work alongside me). PM for details...
  • Graphic Designer (0/?) Someone to design either from scratch (hand drawn and/or digital) piecework or put (free or purchased) resources together to form a single piece for the County whether it be used in-game, on our community site, or other networks (Official Forums, Reddit, Youtube, etc). If pay is required we can talk about pricing and what exactly we want, otherwise donations from within the community will be your compensation. PM for details...


  • Journalist (0/2) Someone who is willing to write the bulk of News & Announcements on: Discord, (our) Website, and (our) Forums or any other place we may need the information posted. They must be able to write IC and OOC depending on the article needing to be written. PM for details...
  • Lore Crafter (0/1) Self-Explanatory, prefered someone who is within our Community and will be a large part within the County and into crafting up Lore from the KOE/MUD throughout Launch (if necessary). PM for details...

Staff Requirements

  • Ages 17 or older - We are mature in nature, and are all consenting adults. However exceptions can be made depending on the person.
  • Mic & Headset - Communication is key, being able to speak through voice is very helpful and potentially crucial to all of our survival. VoIP program(s) is (are) required.
  • Community Activity - A minimum of 4hrs per week of your time (depending on circumstances) towards your in-game community in a helpful manner through in-game or other means.
  • Website/Forum Use - There’s no post requirement but it is appreciated when members use our own dedicated forums for communication outside of Discord.
  • Self-Sufficient - Able to research a problem before asking questions, this includes looking at the Forums, Wiki, Reddit, and even our own Website for common information.
  • Ambitious - Members have to have a directive beside the goals of the county as a whole; everyone needs to progress and grow individually as much as the county itself. We’re only as strong as our weakest link.
  • Community Orientated - Able to share their knowledge in a friendly and helpful manner with other members and the CoE community as a whole.
  • Concept of Order & Structure - We need our members to be able to follow the rules set forth to keep everyone alive and happy. All ranking members must be given the respect associated with their title and as a person.

Please be aware these are only required of those who will be dealing with the core group (Noble Family) directly on a fairly frequent basis. Normal citizens who settle within our borders are not required to meet any of these requirements unless they wish to take on a role stating they must.

Yours truly,
Countess Whitetail of Halvmåne

Just because you are ignorant of the rules doesn't mean they don't apply to you.
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